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artist Kristy Woodhouse

About the Artist

Kristy Woodhouse’s canvases fall from the sky. Mother Nature creates the

leaves, and Kristy paints detailed images on them. Like looking through a

window into Mother Nature’s soul, her work features landscapes, wildlife,

people, and animals. She accepts commissions and has painted a wide

variety of subjects.   


With a degree in graphic design, Kristy Woodhouse’s path to painting is a

bit unconventional. When her grandmother passed away, Kristy inherited

some of her painting supplies. She has taught herself to paint and with trial

and error, she has created her own style and technique.


Because of the popularity of her paintings, art is now Woodhouse’s full-time profession and collectors all over the country are enjoying her work.  She likes to say, “They are like potato chips, you can’t have just one”.


Kristy's paintings take hours to complete, so one of the greatest challenges she has is the fragile nature of the leaves. Despite the challenges, when a painting works out, the results are stunning. They are then prepared to be framed and excitedly delivered to their new homes.


Kristy lives in eastern Utah with her husband and 5 children. She has been fighting Ovarian Cancer since her diagnosis in April of 2018. Currently, she is painting to keep her mind busy. She is appreciative of all of her followers who share her work and purchase the originals and prints.

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I would greatly appreciate it if you would like to donate anything for
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in between my art shows. Without my
buyers and followers I couldn't do this 
without you.


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